Senior Albums

Aside from the creation of beautifil images to begin with, Albums are our favorite things to make. The books are the answer to "how in the world am I going to choose from all of these pictures". They are collections of beautiful portraits of you at this exciting, changing time in your life.

Each book is individually designed and hand crafted using beautiful materials made to last a lifetime. Books are ¾ leather bound, meaning the cover uses leather and incorporates a photograph as part of the cover.

Our books do not have to be limited to portraits - we are happy to photograph you being you - be it sports, theater or performance, a session with friends or other activities (we've photographed students having a great time at the State Fair, showing animals at county fairs and riding horses, etc.).

The really wonderful thing about our albums is that they will only become more valuable as time passes. Right now the idea of them is fun and cool, but look forward to 30 to 50 years from now, we believe your Senior Album will have become a cherished family document.

But maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves ... In the meantime, you will have a beautiful book of YOU to share with friends and family!

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Juliet Conant

Juliet is warm-hearted, funny and athletic gal (not to mention beautiful and industrious!) from the country North of Sacramento. We've been photographing her for a number of years now starting back when she was a club volleyball player, then as a high school volleyball player as well as an FFA officer and a member of the "East Nicolaus Rodeo Support Crew".

The Conant family comes from a long line of farmers - for well over a hundred years here in Northern California, members of the Conant family have been growing food for other families.

Juliet's portraits were done on location on the family farm in a beautiful creek near their pear orchards. Add her horse, Leah, some beautiful sunset light and the help of two of her friends as photo assistants and stylists and we got some great portraits between a lot of laughs!

Juliet received a full scholarship to Chico State as a volleyball player and is majoring in Ag - no surprise there!

Sydney Reese

Sydney is a true country gal. She's also from North of Sacramento and is great friends with Juliet Conant (as well as Haleigh Fuentes and Riley Wood who are both coming up next!). Sydney also comes from a farming family and is as energetic and enthusiastic a person I have ever met.

Sydney's album project lasted an entire year. We started in the Summer prior to the beginning of her Senior year and didn't stop until graduation. In between, there were three portrait sessions, an FFA showing of a prize winning cow at the Yuba-Sutter Fair, two rodeos (yes, she rides rodeo!), powder puff football, Homecoming princess, varsity volleyball and FFA!

We photographed Sydney's graduation and had her album designed and produced in time for her graduation party (which was held a week later). She's off at Texas A&M having a great time.

Haleigh Fuentes

Haleigh is a funny, feisty light hearted gal from (can you guess?) the country. She is friends with Juliet and Sydney and was also a member of the FFA at her school, as well as a Varsity cheerleader.

Haleigh came in with her buddy Riley and we did a fun session of the two of them in the studio. Then, a bit later, we got together again and did another session in the country. Sydney joined us as photo assistant for this shoot!

Riley Wood

Riley is our final featured Senior from East Nicolaus High School (for now!). She's great friends with Haleigh, Sydney and Juliet and was an absolute blast to hang out with.

Riley visited our studio with Haleigh for her first session. We photographed for six hours, then the girls ran out and got a pizza and we kicked back in the lobby and looked at all of the images on our 55" HDTV. Fun times!

A while after our studio shoot, Haleigh, Riley and I got back together - this time with Sydney as an assistant - and did another shoot out in the sticks. Images from these two sessions were combined to make Riley's album.

Stephany Leonard

Stephany is a young lady I met as a volleyball photographer. She played club volleyball for years and we would cross paths all over the country. She's feisty, funny and a flat out goofball.

I traveled to Stephany's house in Hercules for her portrait session. Then I combined images I had taken of her playing high school volleyball as well as a number of years worth of club volleyball and combined those into her album.

Sarah Hopper

Yet another of our volleyball buddies, Sarah and her older sister, Shelley, was a subject of ours for years on the volleyball court. When the time came we did Shelley's portraits and then a couple of years later, we did Sarah's.

Not only did we do Shelley's senior portraits but we took Shelley and three of her best friends since Kindergarten on a jaunt to the State Fair and followed them around as they had a great time in the golden summer light.

These images combined to make a gorgeous finished album.

Casey Colyer

Casey is a great friend to Sarah (and Chrissy who is coming up next). She was part of the gang which went to the State Fair for a day of Summer fun. After that, she made the very smart decision to have us to her Senior portraits as well.

Casey was also on the varsity volleyball team for her high school, so we photographed a couple of matches of her playing, mixed all three shoots together and the result is a beautiful album of Casey in her Senior year.

Chrissy Cope

Chrissy is a great friend to Sarah and Casey. She's is a funny, adorable gal we had a great time photographing. For Chrissy's shoot, we photographed at Capitol Park in downtown Sacramento and were able to take advantage of the sunset to get some great images of her with the Capitol Bridge in the background.

We also photographed Chrissy setting for her high school volleyball team, not to mention the day of summer fun at the State Fair. All of this photography resulted in a beautiful collection of images which we laid out into a very nice album for Chrissy and her family.

Chelsea Black

Chelsea was referred to us by Sarah, Casey and Chrissy. Amazingly enough she is NOT a volleyball player. For Chelsea's session, we photographed in her house (livingroom, bedroom, backyard, front yard) and a few spots just down the road. This allowed us to make some very personalized images which she and her family loved

From that session, we put together this collection of images for her.

Alex Tkachuk

The really wonderful thing about our albums is that they will only become more valuable as time passes. Right now the idea of them is fun and cool, but look forward to 30 to 50 years from now, we believe your Senior Album will have become a cherished family document.

But maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves ... In the meantime, you will have a beautiful book of YOU to share with friends and family!

Nicole Swanson

Nicole's album is a "little" project gone very, very big. Nicole lives in the Stockton area and came to our studio in Sacramento for a portrait session after having met photographed her several times at club volleyball tournaments over the years. During the studio session Nicole's mom, Laurie, was wondering how she would be able to choose from all of the images she was seeing when I showed her our albums.

Laurie knew right then and there that she wanted an album ... but not that the project would ultimately be as large as it was. In the end, we did three separate portrait sessions of Nicole (one in studio, one on the beach in Santa Cruz with two of her friends) and a final solo portrait session at Gibson Ranch. Additionally, I travelled twice to Nicole's high school to photograph her playing volleyball.

The result is a beautiful book that I hope Nicole's family will enjoy for a long, long time.

Morgan Reese

Morgan is a young lady I first started photographing when she was a Freshman in high school and I've grown into a family friend and the family's "official photographer" over the past four years.

For Morgan's book, we did a fun Old Sacramento portrait session, a session in studio and a session out in the country near her house.

How do you get an Album?

It's actually very simple to get an album ... first, have us photograph you! :) Really, come on in to the studio, or let's schedule a location session (or both!). We can also look at coming out to photograph you doing something you love so that we can include those pictures in your album.

After that, just let us know that you WANT a book and we can talk about the styles of book and your budget. We'll take care of the rest!

But first, get in touch to schedule your portraits! 916.344.8512 |